Ilani Lab

Welcome to the Ilani Lab

Cryogenic Sample Characterization

Imaging electron optics

Scanning Nanotube Single Electron Transistor

Nano-assembly of Nanotube Quantum Devices

Climb to the 2nd floor from here

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Imaging quantum materials in 2D

Experiments Control Center

Nanomechanics and qubits

Visualizing electron tranport

Ultra-Low-Vibrations Room

milli-Kelvin Zone

milli Kelvin SPM (click on picture)

Sevice Corridor

Dry Dilution - High Frequency (click on picture)

Low-Vibrations Room

Microwave milli Kelvin SPM (click on picture)

Cryogenic Probe Station

Variable Temperature 4-300K SPM (click on picture)

Rotating Sample SPM (click on picture)

The "secret room"

UHV SPM sample loading

Building Custom Scanning Probe Microscopes

Carbon Nanotubes CVD growth (click on picture)

Electronics Corner

Chemistry Corner

Active Vibration Isolation motors

20 ton floating concrete block

3 ton floating concrete block

Vibration Isolation Legs

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Active Vibration Isolation motors

Nano-assembly of Nanotube Quantum Devices (click on picture)

Home-built ultra-low-noise electronics

Imaging fragile quantum phases in 1D

Bottom-Loading UHV He3 SPM (click on picture)

milli-Kelvin Zone